Gypsy Hawaii

So happy to have added this awesome line to our online shop: Gypsy, straight from Hawaii; theyre designs are awesome. Made of swim material, these are great for a light swim or sunbathing. Get yours today!

"gypsy is a unique, classic, romantic line of hand designed lingerie and was born from lazy saturday mornings and the search for the perfect pair of cute sexy undies. the style is inspired from the designer's love of all things beach and the line grew out of a free-spirited lifestyle - the sand in your toes, a cold dip in the ocean, freckled skin and smiles, sunshine, bleached out salty hair and flowers everywhere. living in Hawaii started her dreaming, creating, sewing and searching for the softest, most eccentric & fun fabrics from all over the globe. each piece is the perfect pair she dreamed of and is a one-of-a-kind treasure for any girl. each piece in the line of modern vintage underthings is handmade in hawaii by the designer herself. the gypsy brand evokes a carefree spirit, otherworldly energy and a lust for the beyond. gypsy inspires every woman to be a freethinker and an individual who is true to herself and the land she inhabits. gypsy is about romance and about following your heart."

GYPSY Paradise Found Collection, Photos by Daeja Fallas

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